Crossing the finish line is where the fun really starts! On your approach, if you're old enough, you'll get a small glass of wine to sip across the finish line, or do what you like with it!

You'll then grab your medal, and we've sourced the best designers in the world, hang that around your neck, grab some water, some 32Gi electrolytes, some fruit and lollies and head across to the Tahbilk Orchids where there is a full range of food & wine vendors, kids entertainment and live bands throughout the day.

The Finish Line Festival starts at 6am with DJ's playing your songs (from what you suggest during registration), followed by live bands from 8am until about 3pm.

As we get closer to the event, we'll announce more details as to who is playing, what food & wine is on offer, and a few other things that we are planning.

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